Salt Bath 818

Salt Bath 818 Heat Treat Kiln
Salt Bath 818 Heat Treat Kiln
  • Model: SALTBATH818
  • Manufactured by: Evenheat

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The salt bath heat treat process involves immersing your blade into a bath of molten salts. Once immersed, the blade quickly reaches the proper hardening or quenching temperature. The blade is then allowed to soak in this bath for the amount of time you desire. Once the soak is completed the blade is pulled for further quenching and processing. The salt bath process provides an oxygen-free environment so there's no need to wrap blades and temperature distribution around the blade is phenomenal.


WARNING: While the salt bath process offers advantages it does come with some hazards, notably the possibility of the molten salts erupting from the salt pot (vessel that contains the molten salt). This creates a burn and fire hazard as well as risk of personal injury or death. Before committing to salt bath heat treating be aware of these potential hazards. For detailed information on this and other risks and hazards of salt bath use please click on the Manuals link on this page.


The Salt Bath 718 features a chamber depth of 18" and is designed to accommodate salt pots with minimum height of 22" and diameters up to 5". Special TAP control software utilizes two thermocouples to control proper heat-up and heat treat operations, as well as an over-temp thermocouple circuit for safety. A solid state relay was chosen for driving the heating elements to give tight control, longer heating element life and a low failure probability.

Additional features include drip shields on both the lid and control panel to stop any "drag-out" from reaching critical components, a pivoting control enclosure that allows for relaxed programming and safe storage as well as electrically grounded salt pot and thermocouples for electrical safety.

There's more to tell you about the Salt Bath 818 and why it's best performing and safest salt pot kiln available. We encourage you to visit Evenheat's website to get all the details.

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