1/2 x 24 - 180 R823 Norzon Bluefire
1/2 x 24 - 180 R823 Norzon Bluefire
  • Model: BNRT1224-0120-823
  • Manufactured by: Norton

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Premium self-sharpening  zirconia alumina abrasive. Strong X-wt polyester backing, new grain coating, upgraded resin bond, resists dulling. Ideal for a wide range of applications and materials .Longer life and faster cut rate. More durable; stands up to demanding applications: high-pressure and hard-to-grind exotic alloys. Improvement in base adhesion, reduced grain shedding, cool cutting. For grinding exotic alloys (titanium, etc.) forged and stainless steel. Minimal loading, excels on soft metals (aluminum, brass, and bronze) and wood, as well as stainless steel and carbon steel. Strong X-wt polyester backing